The American tertiary education system is the best in the world. The Times World University Rankings top 100 includes 42 US universities, 8 of which are in the top 10. This is why so many international students (1,000,000+) flock to the United States every term for study.

The U.S has thousands of schools that range from; small private schools with under 2000 students to massive state schools with over 45,000 students, schools in rural communities and schools in the metropolis, schools in mountains, schools in deserts and schools on the beach. All of which offer a unique sense of community and a life changing experience.


As intimated above, America has a world renowned education system and a degree from a school in the U.S can seriously add value to your future employment prospects as well as highlight life experience.

US universities are constantly evolving and developing their academic offering as well as investing heavily in facilities and technology to allow students to achieve their potential. The UK boasts 24 “Russell Group” universities, whereas in the U.S there is the equivalent world ranking of over 300 universities.

Finding the best school for you involves more than looking at rankings. There are so many areas to consider, and if combining with rugby then the school's rugby program, team, coach and culture should be added to your consideration.

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You can guarantee as an international student that you will meet hundreds of students from all over the world during your time in the U.S. This melting pot of nationalities on a single campus or small town allows for a truly diverse and cultural experience.

U.S campus life is truly unlike anywhere else in the world. Some campuses have similar populations to towns. The University of Central Florida has over 62,000 students on campus. The whole campus can turn out for Football, Baseball & Basketball games as there is an incredible sport culture. Many towns and cities will support their college team before they would their professional.

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Contrary to studying in the UK & Europe where the degree route is applied for in advance, the US allows for a broader spectrum of study in your initial two years.

This Liberal Arts approach encourages the scholar to undertake different classes and gain better understanding of where their specific interests lie.

In years 3 and 4 students will “Major” and go down a more specific degree route to lead them to achieve their preferred qualification by graduation. Following from this, Post Graduate study is possible as well.

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You may only attend a university for 4 or 5 years. However, attending a reputable school and gaining invaluable life experience can truly present great career prospects.

The broad scope of study in the US allows for broader career options upon graduation. Not to mention the classmates, teammates and friends you can make from all over the world, providing you with a network of potential colleagues on a global scale.

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The cost to attend a US College, like many countries, can be significant. However the range in costs between lower end schools and the top is even more significant in the U.S. The top end price of a particular school (the sticker price) however can almost always be substantially reduced through a number of the following ways for talented applicants:

Financial Aid - For those families who can prove they do not have the means to afford the school's fees.

Academic Scholarship - Awards students with high level grades and standardised test scores.

Rugby Scholarship - Awards talented athletes coming in to represent the school on the rugby field. As the sport continues to grow at the college level, there are more opportunities for rugby scholarships than ever.

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