Athletic ability can help international students unlock a world class education in the U.S. Furthermore, high academic and rugby ability can potentially secure grants and scholarships to make this an affordable reality.

Elite Rugby Scholars combine an incredible education and life experience with the opportunity to play rugby at over 700 rugby playing US colleges & universities. Every year more programs gain varsity status and can offer scholarships or financial incentives to represent their school on the rugby pitch. Our service encompasses securing your child a US college, ensuring they arrive safely and are well looked after once on campus.

Let us work with you to find the universities and rugby programs that meet your academic, rugby and financial needs.

Why work with Elite Rugby Scholars?

Bespoke Service For A Complex Process

Our tailored service works to guide players and families through every single step of the multifaceted journey in securing and attending a top US college. Leading, guiding and consulting throughout.

Unrivalled Knowledge & Experience

Our consultants have years of experience in securing specific placements & scholarships for rugby playing students in the U.S. We can save a lot of time and research on your behalf. 

Lasting & Trusted Relationships

We have great relationships with many of the top rugby programs & admissions councillors in the U.S. We work to stay ahead of the curve and engage with any and every new rugby program.

The Journey

Elite Rugby Scholars - Service Summary

Academic Evaluation & Conversion

GPA Analysis & Calculation

Client Training Guidance

Bespoke Fitness Plan

Pre-Qualification of Athletic Eligibility

NCAA, NSCRO & USA Rugby Compliance Solutions

US College Coach & Admission Interview Guidance

University Shortlisting

University Placement & Planning

University Visit Support **

University Admissions Assistance

Video Support **

Rugby Scholar Marketing & Promotion

Student Visa Assistance **

ACT/SAT/TOEFL Test Preparation & Guidance **

Academic/Athletic Scholarship Search

Travel & Insurance Support **

Final Stages & Incidental Task Support

ERS Legend Aftercare & Support


Service Fee can be discussed during our Consultation

  **costs for these items are unfixed and outwith the service fee

Give your child a bright future.

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