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Elite Rugby Scholars are proud to align further services with our partners U.S Sports Scholarships.

While we take pride in our expertise in rugby, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for talented athletes in various sports. Whether you excel in soccer, tennis, athletics, basketball, or any other sport, our goal is to assist you in securing a valuable sports scholarship. Join us in pursuing your dreams and unlock the doors to a brighter future.

Scholarships for tennis, soccer, athletics, basketball and other sports

Expanding Scholarship Opportunities Beyond Rugby

Rugby has rapidly gained popularity as a college sport in the United States, attracting aspiring players from around the world. However, it's essential to recognize that there is a multitude of other sports that have long-established scholarship programs, waiting to be explored. At Elite Rugby Scholars, we are committed to supporting student athletes from diverse sporting backgrounds. Our collaboration with U.S Sports Scholarships allows us to extend our expertise and guidance to a broader range of aspiring athletes. 


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Please be aware a full scholarship is not something that is generally achievable for U.S College rugby players. All players and families should be prepared to contribute financially to their university costs and we can discuss your specific costs in more depth on a consultation.

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