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Elite Rugby Scholars are proud to align further services with our partners U.S Sports Scholarships.

If you are keen to explore scholarships for Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Athletics, Lacrosse, Basketball, American Football etc then please complete the below form and we will have our reps at U.S Sports Scholarships get in touch.

Scholarships for tennis, soccer, athletics, basketball and other sports

Elite Rugby Scholars are delighted to offer a world class consultancy service to young rugby playing students around the world. Although rugby is the fastest growing U.S College sport there are many other sports that have been well established for decades that also offer a sports scholarship opportunity. We have teamed up with U.S Sports Scholarships to share expertise and ensure we can assist a wider variety of student athletes. ERS managing the rugby players and USSS managing a wider array of college sports.

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    Please be aware a full scholarship is not something that is generally achievable for U.S College rugby players. All players and families should be prepared to contribute financially to their university costs and we can discuss your specific costs in more depth on a consultation.

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