We aspire to work with young rugby scholars and their families to assist them in securing a US education.

However, we are also able to work with schools outside of the U.S to assist any young athletes interested in the route and provide the school more information on the opportunities which they can in turn pass on to their students.

We must also work with our client's schools to ensure their documents and references are in order.

Finally, we constantly work with U.S Colleges to both help their recruitment into new territories and provide them with the opportunity to recruit our own Elite Rugby Scholars.



Have you considered the U.S route for your rugby scholars?

Our comprehensive network and knowledge of the US college academic and collegiate rugby landscape empower us to deliver reliable guidance and open doors to success.

Unlock new opportunities

Schools are becoming more diverse in assisting their graduating students with the next stages in their career. Elite Rugby Scholars provides your rugby playing students and their parents with information on the outstanding educational and sporting opportunities that currently exist in the U.S.

Speak with the experts

We work with high achieving rugby playing students from UK, Europe and internationally to support their ambition of attending academic institutions in the U.S. Our team has vast experience in securing places for rugby playing students across America. With an inherent knowledge of the US college academic and collegiate rugby landscape we are well placed to provide accurate information.

U.S Reputation

The U.S education system is unrivalled on scale and quality. The USA boasts 14 of the worldโ€™s top 20 international universities. In terms of world rankings the US has 300 schools of an academic level on par with the 24 Russel Group schools in the U.K. Rugby is played across all levels of educaiton in the U.S

Offer your students something unique

As a schools you and your staff offer far more than just an education. You also offer a pathway for talented young student athletes to compete at a high level, create lifelong friendships and memories along the way. Studying in the U.S and playing collegiate rugby provides your students with a truly unique experience and a qualification that can impact their career prospects both as an athlete and as a young professional.

UK, Europe & International Schools - Services

Presentations & Careers Fairs

Our staff are always eager to visit schools and present to their rugby playing students. This gives us a chance to educate on the academic and athletic opportunities that currently exist in the US.

Enquiry Management

Your interested students and families can meet with an Elite Rugby Scholar consultant to discuss their journey and potential opportunities in more depth.

US Colleges & Universities - Services

International Player Recruitment

US College rugby coaches regularly engage with our consultants to outline recruitment needs for the upcoming season. We can align you with suitable candidates to begin the recruitment process.

Rugby Tours & School Visits

Use our contact network through the UK and Europe to plan visits or even arrange touring fixtures for your rugby program.

Admissions Partnerships

We work with international admissions departments to extend their reach and recruit suitable international students. We work together to ensure the admissions process runs smoothly for all of our clients.

Partner with Elite Rugby Scholars: Achieve Greatness Together!

Are you a school that aspires to achieve greatness and empower your students to reach new heights? Look no further! Elite Rugby Scholars is actively seeking schools that share our vision and passion for nurturing talented rugby-playing students. We believe in forging strong partnerships that pave the way for exceptional opportunities and success. Join forces with us and together, we can create a lasting impact on the lives of aspiring athletes.

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